Our innovative platform is built on
best-of-breed, practical experience

is fundamentally different… and better!

From the ground up, we focused on the pain points we saw in traditional software implementations and created an approach that clients love!

1) An easy to navigate and understand user interface in order to enable quicker uptake by the user community

2) An architecture that allows for unheard levels of personalization thereby allowing the software to accommodate specific business processes associated with distinct companies and their competitive advantages while not in any way impairing support or upgrade paths

3) A forecasting engine that contains a variety of technologies that move way beyond just statistical methods to address today’s realities such as interdependencies, intermittency, and new product introductions

4) An architecture that allows for rapid installation with out an army of consultants thereby minimizing business disruption and allowing a company to quickly realize a positive business ROI

5) A business support model that exceeds commonly experienced levels of service but in such a way that allows for a lower cost combined with more experienced support personal

6) We chose to take the confusion out of the traditional software license model and offer fixed price contracts that are all inclusive; contain no surprises; and are backed by a performance guarantee.