With only a hammer,
everything looks like a nail…

Our toolbox contains a variety of technologies that move beyond just statistical methods to address today’s realities such as interdependencies, intermittency, and new product introductions

S&OP and demand planning has not benefited from a fundamental advancement in technology in at least 30 years.  In fact, the primary statistical models used by all major competitors were actually developed in the 1920’s.  Given the huge dollar investments made in execution systems throughout the 1990’s, it seemed to us unfortunate at best that they were executing on demand plans put together on decades old technology and approaches.  Enter Demand Foresight into the demand forecasting and planning market place!

It allows you to step away from the spreadsheets and focus on what matters most…

A perfect marriage of human learning and computing power, Demand Foresight’s innovative technology environment continuously learns, adapts, and improves accuracy on its own.

Demand Commander combines Artificial Intelligence with the expertise of your stakeholders through an open-ended interface molded to your methods/requirements/nomenclature and configured to allow any department to contribute to or own the forecast. Whether you need it to integrate with your existing ERP/supply chain systems or work as a stand-alone application, our forecasting and planning software will learn the science of your business environment so your professionals can work on finding ways to improve.

This is produced by our proprietary environment that includes not only the ‘old’ technology of statistical/straight line modeling but also a number of technologies that allow for non-linear modeling including genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, expert systems, and neural nets / artificial intelligence

Focus on Identifying Factors & Signals

The goal of this system is to make it as easy as possible for your staff to recognize what is behind a forecast – what factors are driving demand – and to be able to easily make changes when exceptions occur – like new product introductions, marketing promotions, or customer volatility. Demand Commander’s powerful pattern analysis and correlation detection capabilities help you find causal relationships and dynamics to avoid or exploit in the future – without the hours of math and analysis.

Demand Factor Learning

Demand Commander learns by constantly testing/evaluating business information about your products, sales histories, promotions, and their interrelationships along with outside information like causal factors and econometric data. Using this approach, Demand Commander creates a universe of data for every product/location combination, reduces it to what is relevant, looks for relationships, and then applies these relationships to the forecast.

Continuous Improvements – Automatically

The interaction between Demand Commander and its users is one of constant learning, refinement, and improvement in demand planning accuracy. You can automate  processes to manage resources or control things manually with Intelligent recommendations from Demand Commander. This continuous process of dual learning (by both the Demand Commander and its Users) ensures each actionable response your professionals choose is informed with the freshest, most reliable data – now – in a few clicks of a mouse. The results? Sales & Marketing excellence.

Advanced Model Creation & Competition

Demand Commander creates its own Global Optimization (non-linear) models for complex scenarios – it sometimes uses the simple technology of statistics for more predictable items – and then submits the best/most accurate (optimized) forecast for that item. Over time, Demand Commander changes its models on its own as it sees shifting demand patterns, trends, and causal factors.