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Demand Foresight Software was established in 2001 as privately funded LLC 

Our Technology focus: Investment in the innovative application of forecast modeling technologies 

Our Business focus: Improving forecast accuracy to drive profitability

“We needed a best-of-breed solution for demand planning, and with Demand Foresight, that’s what we got. We’ve not only reduced total cost of ownership, but added value to the business. Investments in Demand Commander have contributed to achievements in lean manufacturing goals, six sigma metrics and KPIs.” –Imperial Sugar

Our approach is unique in the industry. We’ve built a cross functional team that brings together the operational business experience, the technology and science expertise, and the software delivery discipline to allow for us to guaranteed attainment of your project business case.

3 circlesMarket focus:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Distributors
  • Food and Beverage
  • High Technology
  • Manufacturers

Solution Footprint Scale:

  • Half a dozen to hundreds of users
  • Thousands to hundreds of thousands of SKUs
  • Hundreds to hundreds of thousands of transactions per day
  • Daily to multi-year forecast horizons
  • Customer direct to multi-tiered distribution
  • Local to global organizations

Download 4-page Modules DescriptionModular S&OP Functionality as You Need It – Crawl, Walk, Run 

  • A complete end-to-end S&OP system that can easily integrate into any ERP and be configured module by module

Innovative Technology

  • Interactive Computing technology that actually learns, adapts and improves accuracy on its own unlike the traditional statistical methods that limit all other major vendors


  • Easy to navigate and understand user interface, workflow, and alerts that can be tailored to your distinct, competitive business process advantages while easily adapting as your business grows and changes while not impairing support or upgrade path
  • Done in conjunction with the business users so that they own the results and software is relevant today as well as three years from now


  • Within an organization as the cross functional teams work off the same information
  • Outside the organization through to the value chain – vendor and customers pulled into working more closely together


  • We reduce error at your defined level of execution by at least 25% against all other vendors or you don’t pay us
  • We meet all Operational, Functional, Technical, and User requirements as promised on a fixed priced budget
  • Gartner LogoThis guarantee has been documented and validated by Gartner/AMR Research and NONE of the other vendors you’re considering will make this commitment

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership 

  • Quick ROI due to our architecture that allows for rapid installation without an army of consultants with minimal business disruption
  • Low-cost price certainty with our Business Support model that includes all:
    • Version upgrades
    • Systems migrations
    • Process adaptations
    • Additional training
    • Bug fixes
    • Customer support
  • ALL covered under one annual service fee —no surprise costs lurking in the shadows

“I’ve worked with many different technology groups on various levels and I find Foresight to be one of the most responsive technology companies I’ve ever worked with. I feel that they know us. I feel that they understand our business.”–MTD Products

Return on Investment

The efficiency and effectiveness of S&OP and Supply Chain performance completely hinges on the accuracy of the execution level forecast.  Our unique value proposition regarding the bottom line improvement for a client is predicated on an improved forecast and has three interrelated tenets:

  • Overt Benefit: Demand Foresight delivers a 25% reduction in demand planning error vs. any existing competition which generates a potential 20x (plus) return on investment based on reductions in inventory and working capital and increases in production efficiencies and customer satisfaction
  • Real Reason to Believe: The overt benefit has been proven through a diverse group of reputable clients from whom we have built our reputation.
  • Dramatic Difference: We are the first major technological advancement in demand planning in the last 15-20 years.  Our advancements with non-linear technologies, along with our guarantees of satisfaction, rapid installations, and all-inclusive pricing, fundamentally change the market place.

Download 6-page Solution OverviewOnce the improved forecast is delivered, then the question becomes, what do you do with it in order to actually realize the benefits?

More importantly, what would a 25% improvement in execution level forecasting mean to the bottom line of your performance?