Our Forecasting and Planning software suite supports the complete Sales and Operations Planning process, but with one key difference

It is driven by the most accurate forecasting engine in the marketplace

It’s obvious that an accurate forecast is important. However, on-going research has proved definitively that it is absolutely THE MOST critical prerequisite to achieve the business benefits of any S&OP planning process. Whether it’s inventory reduction, increased capacity utilization, or bottom line operating margin improvement, it all starts with the forecast.

S&OP Planning

Then, an accurate forecast is most actionable when aligned with the level at which it is executed. Our forecasting and planning software lets you view, analyze, and interpret your data at your chosen level of execution. You can also define multiple lag periods for different products or departments to align with key priorities for an unlimited number of stakeholders and users.

Personalized Innovation

Despite sharing many similar challenges, every company’s needs, priorities, and processes are unique. Whether you’re trying to leverage sustainable growth, work through lean times, or take your supply chain to the next level of maturity, our S&OP software suite, Demand Commander,  is personalized for your company’s specific challenges and molded to continuously learn and improve on its own over time — achieving continuous value chain improvements every quarter.

Collaboration & Shared Visibility

One of the most powerful supply chain software innovations seen in decades, our S&OP software suite offers the comprehensive visibility companies need to see problems coming before they arrive and then a collaborative platform that’s needed for efficient, agile response:

  • Harness downstream data for cost-saving adjustments, short-term revenue opportunities and reduced demand latency
  • Collaborate seamlessly with an unlimited number of stakeholders and departments – in real time – for faster execution on surprises (and no per user charges)
  • Or, for those really bent on taking their group to the next level of maturity, Demand Commander enables companies to share data visibility with key customers and suppliers

Demand Commander’s conceptual foundation is anchored in the priorities of Accuracy, Agility, and Consensus

Our approach breaks down the barriers of the classical approach:Forecasting and Planning Software