Our solution is specifically designed to easily integrate into any system

Best-of-Breed Bolt-on with Universal Compatibility

Gartner analysts have categorized enterprise systems into three different groups–Systems of Record, Systems of Innovation, and Systems of Differentiation. The research states that organizations need to focus on Systems of Differentiaton to achieve competitive advantage in their market. Demand Commander fits in this cateogory and is considered a best-of-breed bolt-on solution. As such, it a is platform agnostic regarding technology platforms and infrastructure.  Demand Commander is a .NET application and uses OLE DB connections and/or ODBC to communicate with client data sources.  .NET is well known for its excellent data connection capabilities.

We have conducted ERP system integration with a variety of platforms and databases, as many as 8 in a single environment! In addition, Demand Foresight provides complete data migration support and functionality through its Data SPA tool set. Specific systems with which we have integrated:

  • SAP
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft/JDEdwards
  • Manugistics/JDA
  • I2/JDA
  • Logility/Demand Solutions
  • Baan
  • Cognos
  • Bepics
  • Prism
  • Excel
  • Access
  • Homegrown systems built in DB2 and some form of C

Extending the life and function of your existing systems

Getting data from your systems

Gathering disparate data from a patchwork of information systems should not be rocket science any longer. Demand Commander corrals all the data needed in far flung systems – ERP, POS, SCM, CRM, WMS, etc…, and combines it with promotional, inventory, salespeople, and customer data. The data is taken in a series of extract files so it will not cause any disruption to your current systems.

Getting data to your systems

Demand Commander combines data from multiple sources and presents information to users in one common framework. Sales and Marketing plans generated in Demand Commander can then be fed back into your execution system(s) in whatever format and at whatever level of detail you require.

As all of our clients require ERP system integration and Reporting system integration for their data exchange, we are well informed and continually incented to understand and be prepared for any and all developments in the marketplace that will impact integration and two way data exchange.

This integration approach is FAST, so you get to your ROI FAST

In terms of data flow, (in, out, and two way), Demand Commander works with, supports, and integrates with other systems through standard interface formats.  We can also accommodate direct extraction from data bases or data warehouse environments. In addition and perhaps more importantly, we have also established the functionality to use raw data table downloads coordinated through flow tables to allow complete flexibility in data exchange.  This functionality also allows for a much more rapid data acquisition and migration plan which greatly speeds up implementation and reduces costs.  This is especially helpful in companies that are pursuing growth through acquisition.

We pursue this loosely coupled approach because it helps integrate with the client IT group by allowing the use of databases and technologies in which they are familiar and have skilled. It also allows our clients to take advantage of  existing licenses and infrastructure which reduces cost in our overall solution footprint.

Bottom line, our data exchange architecture has demonstrated superior performance even in global, distributed, large dynamic data environments