We’re a true partner who shares accountability with you

We measure our success by the objective business improvements we deliver in our client’s metrics. Not by cash in the door. So, rather than sell a box of S&OP software with an instruction manual and a “thumbs up”, we put our skin in the game and share the risk with our clients.

We are absolutely the ONLY software company in the marketplace that you’ll talk to that offers a guarantee of ANY KIND:

  • Demand Foresight is the only one to target a specific, measurable guaranteed improvement that has clear and concrete ties to customer service, inventory performance, working capital levels, and supply chain efficiencies
  • Demand Foresight is the only one with an all in pricing model for implementation with the guarantee that “it will work”
  • Demand Foresight is the only one with an “all in” support model which is the most cost effective model in the market re-enforcing a true partnership approach

As we take these promises very seriously, we’ve never been taken up on either component of our two-part guarantee:

1) Demand Commander will reduce absolute execution level forecast error (as you define it) by 25% or more than your current forecast or any other vendor in the marketplace

2) Demand Commander will meet all Operational, Functional, Technical, and User requirements as promised on a fixed price

Why a Guarantee Matters

US Business invests in excess of US$ 100 Billion annually on IT-related projects

In return for this level of investment, Businesses experience the following:

  • 74% of projects are not successful
  • 31% of projects are cancelled
  • 28% of projects fail altogether
  • 80% of projects fail to deliver expected value/ROI
  • 53% of projects cost 189% more than planned.

In addition, in failed project environments, further business disruptions are incurred through increased turnover in key personnel. 42% of CIOs leave within 24 months of a failed technology project versus 84% of CIOs still in place 24 months after a success project.

For Businesses, the impact is:

  • Wasted resources and investment dollars – shareholder value destroyed
  • Opportunity costs:
    • Subsequent projects predicated on successful implementation of infrastructure cannot move forward
    • Competitive advantage predicated on technology investment and the associated value fails to be realized

Note: Research from consulting groups including McKinsey Consulting, The Gartner Group, The Standish Group, Prosci Consulting CSC, Watson, Wyatt, Mercer Consulting and Booz Allen