Revenue Management Solutions – Increasing your profits is in your control

Our revenue management software solution treats accurate forecasting as a key business intelligence driver to streamline your organization and increase profits.

Using Demand Foresight’s Demand Commander will expand your understanding of what micro and macroeconomic, competitive, and organizational factors affect the demand for your products. Second, you can take an aggregate, or a very detailed, view of how efficiently and profitably you can supply that demand.

The idea of creating high performance links between customer-facing operations and the supply chain is not new; however, few companies are doing it well. Demand Commander provides this key link in your value chain. According to a Deloitte Research report entitled “Competing on Collaborative Customer Solutions,” companies that establish these critical links are twice as profitable as those who have not.

In addition, the value chain visibility generated through this “internal” collaboration can be useful in addressing Wall Street’s growing focus on transparency in revenue generating activities and the need for revenue management solutions.