It doesn’t get any better than this

Our model has been repeatedly vetted at all our clients as the lowest total cost of ownership when all the year-over-year costs are taken into account

To provide the lowest total cost of ownership and a fast-track to ROI, Demand Foresight offers a rapid implementation process and the simplest pricing model in the industry

One price for the software solution…

The total cost of utilizing Demand Commander as your S&OP platform is among the lowest in the industry. Compared with other leading S&OP business software, our solution is implemented much more quickly and for less total cash. The exact specific of cost and time will be specific to each partner based on details of your organization such as data readiness and scope of product.  But when combined with the measurable improvements in forecasting and other supply chain performance metrics, it is not unusual for Demand Commander to start generating a positive Return on Investment within 3 months of going live.

In addition, we can interface with any system you have, and are in many cases, more capable of pulling key analytics out of those systems than the vendors themselves. We don’t interfere with any systems you may have in place and can coast quite comfortably though any upgrades or other application changes you are planning at your company.

In most cases, Demand Commander goes in quickly, and can be up and running in 10 weeks, fully personalized to your business, nomenclature, and operating procedures. No other S&OP software platform is implemented this fast, accurate, and easy-to-use. The standard package includes implementation, integration with in-house systems, basic personalization  (not to be confused with customization as there is no change to source code), user training, and one year of support all in the initial fixed cost. The license is server-based for an unlimited number of current and future users.

Demand Commander can accommodate direct extraction from databases or data warehouse environments and, perhaps more importantly, we have established the functionality to use raw data table downloads coordinated through flow tables to allow complete flexibility in data exchange—enabling a much more rapid data acquisition and migration plan which reduces costs and greatly speeds up implementation.

Part of our contractual guarantee is that we will meet all Operational, Functional, Technical, and User requirements as promised. This guarantee has been documented and validated by Gartner/AMR Research and since we’ve never failed to deliver, we have a 100% customer retention rate. None of the other vendors you’re considering will make this commitment.

 …and one price for on-going support

That includes everything you typically need and other vendors typically nickel and dime you for:

  • 24×7 help desk support
  • All software updates
  • “No cost” software version upgrades. I.e. you receive the upgrade “all-in”. All other vendors charge for Services on top of the version upgrade
  • All documentation updates
  • Unlimited changes due to business model changes (e.g. new aggregations, incorporation of new acquisitions)
  • Unlimited training