Invest in accuracy. Create future profits.

Demand Commander, forecasting and planning software, impacts bottom line performance in key areas for measureable return on investment

Today, market dynamics are more complex, customers are more erratic and competition is tougher than ever. Manufacturers and distributors face different challenges than those of the last generation. But, whether you’re trying to leverage sustainable growth, work through lean times, or take your supply chain to the next level of maturity, improved demand forecast accuracy is the most effective leverage point for profitability. Designed by supply chain experts for supply chain experts, Demand Foresight’s Demand Commander Suite delivers the accurate answers needed for continuous improvements each quarter.

Achieveable Results:

  • Reduce Forecast Error by 25-50%
  • Improve Profitability by 5%
  • Improve customer profitability
  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce COGS vs. revenue 2-5%
  • Reduce Inventory by 10%
  • Automate Routines, Focus on exceptions
  • Increase Total Service Level to 99%

What are the impacts across your value chain?


Demand Foresight starts with a better baseline forecast and makes it easy for your organization to build consensus. Everyone in your organization — including partners and suppliers — can see the demand forecast and easily update new information such as price changes, supply constraints, and promotions. With Foresight’s Demand Management tools, your company will:

  • Drive New Revenue from existing customers
  • Create New Sales growth through program management
  • Shape demand to optimize margins
  • Seamlessly integrate promotions into the forecast
  • Utilize downstream data like POS and VMI data to adapt to changes in demand and create shared value with customers and vendors
  • Automatically Integrate External demand signals like weather patterns, housing starts, oil prices, etc. for improved accuracy

Inbound Logistics

Our unique value chain focuses on the raw and produced materials needed for your manufacturing process to ensure you are maximizing your purchasing power. Our forecasting and planning software starts with a better baseline forecast that helps you appropriately increase or decrease your materials to run leaner operations. Using Demand Commander’s Inbound Logistics tools, your company will:

  • Drive down purchasing costs
  • Reduce average materials inventory
  • Reduce demand latency
  • Replenish and Deploy on demand signals – faster and more efficiently


Efficiencies naturally lead to increased profits because they reduce waste and duplicative operations. Most demand planning software dictates to a company how it needs to process its business. Foresight’s operations solutions are molded and personalized to support your processes and priorities – not the other way around. Using our forecasting and planning software, your company will:

  • Increase capacity
  • Decrease work in process
  • Reduce waste and re-work
  • Increase working capital
  • Reduce finished-goods inventory

Outbound Logistics

Once inventory has been sold, it needs to be shipped. The deployment planning capabilities of Demand Foresight tell you what you need to know to get the product moved from where it is produced to where it is sold.  If you supply Foresight  forecasting and planning software with freight payment information as an input, it will help you calculate the rate and mix data for where you are spending your freight dollars.

  • Optimize Freight budgets
  • Drive down carrying costs
  • Reduce expedited orders
  • Decrease Lead Times

Customer Service

Building a customer base means more than selling your product.  Businesses succeed because customers come back – and most of us want to buy from companies that provide the very best in customer service.

Demand Foresight allows you to collect, store, and aggregate data so you can incorporate key metrics into the core areas affecting your customer relationships. Using POS tracking and sales analysis, Foresight’s service and maintenance solutions can also provide data-supported recommendations on future purchases, show customers how much inventory they are carrying, create better forecasts, and model future promotions and events.

  • Increase retail in-stock service levels or total service level
  • Decrease lead times by customer or store
  • Deliver the “Perfect Order”
  • Eliminate Stock Outs