Demand Commander – A complete S&OP platform that drives measureable improvement across your value chain

Modular S&OP Functionality as You Need It

A complete end-to-end S&OP supply chain management software suite that can easily integrate into any ERP and be configured module by module

Innovative Technology

Interactive Neural Computing technology that actually learns, adapts, and improves accuracy on its own unlike the traditional statistical methods that limit all other major vendors

We reduce error by our guaranteed minimum 25% and can directly tie that to a minimum 5% increase in pre-tax profitability and ROCE; especially relevant to public companies for reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.


Easy to navigate and understand user interface, workflow, and alerts that can be tailored to your distinct, competitive business process advantages while easily adapting as your business grows and changes while not impairing support or upgrade paths

Done in conjunction with the business users so that they own the results and the supply chain software is relevant today as well as three years from now


Within an organization as the cross functional teams work off the same information

Outside the organization through to the value chain – vendor and customers pulled into working more closely together

Supply Chain Software Base System

Demand Forecasting & Planning

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Management and Planning
  • Point of Sale Tracking & Analysis

Optional S&OP Planning Modules

  • Reporting & Query Module
  • SFA & Marketing
  • DRP & Inventory, and Exception Management
  • Capacity/Constrained Planning
  • Production Scheduling/Deployment Planning Capacity/Ability to Promise
  • Freight Analysis
  • Load Builder

Are you just beginning your S&OP journey?

Demand Navigator is an entry-level offering which is targeted at organizations that are starting their S&OP process and are looking for a best-practices solution that they can quickly implement and scale for the future.