Master Production Scheduling

Our S&OP software suite includes a master production scheduling software module that takes the requirements for each product from Distributed Resource Planning and assembles them into production schedules and purchasing plans for each location. As with all our S&OP software modules, MPS is fully scalable and quickly adaptable to dynamic business requirements.

Our master production scheduling software module is designed to keep planners and schedulers focused on exceptions, where the real cost-saving opportunities exist. Additionally, rather than presenting a rigid listing of requirements with decisions already locked in, MPS allows planners to select the time horizon, work with top priorities, or review what’s changed since the last run. With a one click, they can drill down to see sales history, item or customer profiles or trends, and manufacturing information.

Finite Scheduling

Our MPS module also supports finite scheduling — the more detailed process of sequencing products on machines for production.

Effective finite scheduling maximizes output within real production capabilities and constraints — but any decision to interrupt an efficiently sequenced block of production to meet a customer-service priority must be supported with sound data.

Our MPS module makes available all relevant information instantly so you can ensure the most profitable balance between service and cost.