Deployment Planning

Most companies store and ship products from multiple locations. Efficient deployment planning is crucial to maintaining profitable margins.

There are two sides to the replenishment process – production or purchase planning, and deployment.  Our S&OP software suite includes a deployment planning software module which provides supply chain planners with the tools necessary to effectively move products from production facilities to shipping facilities.

For example, if you need to ship 500 units each to two different locations, but manufacturing can only deliver 700 today…

  • Can you wait a day or two before making a shipment?
  • What locations are selling closer to forecast and will need their shipment soonest?
  • Can you supply locations from an alternate source?
  • Do you have inventory at a different warehouse that is not selling as much as expected?

Our deployment planning software module arms you with the internal visibility needed to answer these critical questions and make timely, profitable decisions with confidence.