Our demand forecasting software is based on what every practitioner already knows… it’s part Science and part Art

A bad forecast can produce a world of problems –  inventory piles up, customers get frustrated, and the costs of doing business head north.  Add dynamics like competitive pricing environments, erratic buying behaviors, and new product releases to the equation  and the practice of predicting demand feels more like a game of Russian Roulette.

We believe demand forecasting is best approached through a combination of Science and Art -  Our demand planning software suite is powered by an innovative forecasting engine that has the ability to learn and optimize the Science of your business environment so your talented professionals can focus on the Art.

Neural Computing

A fusion of human learning within a powerful computing framework that continually learns, adapts, and improves over time on its own, our Interactive Neural Computing framework adds one of the most powerful demand forecasting software innovations in decades to your daily tool-kit.

Collaboration and Consensus

Our S&OP platform is designed specifically with collaboration in mind to enable users from all areas that are closed to knowing “what’s really going on” to provide their input on top of what the computer generated. Then, it provides access to all stakeholders so that can view the consensus forecast in real-time to reliably provide any additional adjustments along that way. For most of our clients, thanks to our platform, this is the first time they are all looking a one agreed-upon forecast.

What do you want to see in your Forecast?

The Past – a better understanding of historical data

Our Neural Computing Engine integrates with your System(s) of Record to constantly analyze all available data for complex correlation, pattern, and trend detection. If validated and relevant, Demand Commander automatically integrates the newly discovered insight into the next round of extrapolation.

Present – a better understanding of active signals & factors

What is happening right NOW that impacts the demand forecast? Our forecast engine can sense and automatically integrate live sales updates, POS, VMI data, marketing & promotional activity, new product releases, and virtually any other external factors (e.g. weather patterns, housing starts, econometric inputs, etc.) with potential relevance or correlation to demand behaviors.

Future – a more accurate picture of future demand

Demand Commander’s multi-layered Optimization Engine serves as an environment for a Competitive Modeling approach: Classical Linear modeling techniques constantly compete with Global Optimization Modeling techniques to determine and apply the most accurate model for each product type – no matter how diverse, complex or volatile.

Conceived through the application & integration of advanced Mathematical Disciplines (e.g. Digital Signal Processing, Solid State Physics, Genetic Algorithms, Intelligent Supervisors) to a proprietary environment, Demand Commander’s Global Optimization Modeling provides unparalleled accuracy for multi-step, long-term forecasting challenges, seasonal swings in demand, cannibalistic items, new product launches, and myriad other challenges Classical Linear Modeling just plain can’t solve.

The verifiable scientific superiority of this integration of technology in our demand forecasting and planning software allows us to confidently stake our entire compensation as a company on a promise that we will reduce your demand forecasting error – at your defined level of execution – by a minimum of 25% – or we give your money back.