Inventory Crisis: Santa’s Forecasting Software Deserves a Lump of Coal

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all thru the North Pole,
Every elf was slaving – his inventory to control!
The gadgets and toys were piled high on the sled,
But some seemed to be missing, so the I.T. guys were dead…
“How could this happen AGAIN,” they all moaned?
“I thought we upgraded – what do you mean, they postponed??”

They cursed their computers and questioned the stats:
“How could this be true – our forecasting software is bats!
We entered the numbers, the graphs, and the plans,
Yet still the result doesn’t meet the demands!”

Then Santa emerged with a large bag of coal.
“You’ve missed it AGAIN? But that wasn’t the goal!!”
Memories of Christmases past flew before him;
His thoughts about inventory grew more grim.

“We talked bout stats, we KNEW they were lame –
Last Christmas we failed, and they were to blame!
I thought we agreed to be bold and more clever –
I thought we banned stodgy old models forever!
We can’t be tied-down by inflexible apps,
Why we’re the North Pole – we’ve got presents to wrap!”

Once again the I.T. guys accepted their coal,
And returned to their desks for damage control.
“Next year will be different!” they resolutely exclaimed,
As they deleted the forecast that got Santa inflamed.
“Smarter software is out there, and we know what it’s called:
Demand Foresight, please help us to get it installed!”

As 2013 draws to a close, we at Demand Foresight hope that you’ve had a great year and look forward to an even better 2014. All the best to you and yours this holiday season!

Santa Claus Holding Finger to Mouth